Ambassador Program

 Love Yoga? …Join Our Team!

A community of individuals all part of the Moksha Yoga Kingston Ambassador program getting together for a potluck

At Moksha Yoga Kingston, we understand that yoga can be a luxury that not everyone can afford. Our Ambassador program allows people to volunteer a short, set shift every week cleaning and helping around the studio so that finances are no reason to not practice! Our Ambassadors are an integral part of the community and their dedication is what makes the studio shine bright (inside & out).

  • Does this interest you?
  • Are you looking to deepen your yoga practice?
  • Looking to connect with the community?
  • Have you completed your Intro Month with us?

If so, meet our head Ambassador!

Jordan, head of the Ambassador programJordan wants to live in a world where people skip the small talk and just dive in, letters are written by hand, and lattes are abundant.

As a first year MA student and Teaching Assistant at Queen’s, she’s working on getting published, and finishing up her upcoming conference presentations.

When she’s not (over)analyzing film or buried in readings, you can find her at CrossFit, practicing photography, painting, or hanging around Moksha Yoga Kingston.


Click here to apply.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to Jordan: