Jo Castles

Joanna Castles

Joanna is known for her positive energy, inner strength and kindness. A strong believer in fate, she is thankful yoga found her when she needed it most. Having been a competitive gymnast and coach for most of her life, she yearned for a new way to strengthen, stretch and mend her injured body. Joanna’s yogic journey began in 2012, but it wasn’t until she found Moksha Yoga Kingston just shortly after they opened in 2014, that she felt at home. As her practiced deepened she discovered how it could not only help heal the physical pain in her body, but the mental aspects that come with chronic pain. With her natural aptitude to help others coupled with her desire to continually learn and grow, she knew she had to spread her love of yoga.  Joanna completed her level 1 Moksha teacher training in Montreal of October 2016. Inspired by the 7 Moksha Pillars she hopes to create a positive space for her students to grow both on and off the mat.