Krysta Jung

Since the day teacher training began I have known for sure that I’ve absolutely found the place I belong. Teaching Moksha yoga allows me to be in service to others, and the planet all while continuing to grow and thrive in my passion of yoga. Since completing my Moksha teacher training I have continued to attend workshops, conferences and seminars to enhance my practice and teaching. I have completed another life goal of becoming certified in teaching Super Stretch Kids Yoga. Teaching yoga to kids has brought a totally different and incredible dynamic of joy to my journey. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share something I love so much to curious mini yogis. My goal in teaching is to provide to students the same thing that has been provided to me from countless teachers- an opportunity to grow, be challenged, and improve their physical, mental and emotional health. And a place to find the strength, courage and peace that is already with them. And finally, to shed some light for them in that process in any way I can.
Although I was introduced to Hatha yoga at 17, I believe my first true yoga teachers were Oprah, Maya Angelou, Eckhart Tolle and my Mom and Dad. From each of them I learned early on that any integrity, strength, peace, kindness, health and love that we wish to see in this world must begin with ourselves. These are the things I endeavour to practice on my mat and help students practice on theirs.