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Mindful Strength w/ Kathryn Bruni-Young

This workshop will begin with a talk outlining how we can use the science of strength training, biomechanics, and mindfulness to enhance our movement practice, whatever it might be. Kathryn talks about how tissues adapt, how we can understand our complex bodies through movement, and how we can make practice joyful. Over three hours this workshop will get your body moving in new ways, from upper body strength, to lower body, breathing, yoga poses, functional movements and much more. This workshop is perfect for teachers and practitioners of all disciplines who are seeking new inspiration that will change the way you look at movement and yoga practice. Kathryn aims to make strength training empowering and accessible for all bodies. She has specific experience working with athletes, and seniors, and she is confident that she can make the practice of Mindful Strength work for just about anyone. Her main inspirations come from gymnastics training, Ido Portal Method, Somatic Experiencing, playful movement, Pilates and conventional strength training.



Saturday, May 26 to Saturday, May 26
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Moksha Yoga Kingston
Organizer: Kathryn Bruni Young